The Laura X Institute is managed by over 30 of some of the brightest minds representing over 900 years of experience in humanities, arts, education, anthropology, history, legal, museum, finance, media, archive, real estate, disabilities, and many more.
Operating Groups

Finance – DeAnna Kaber, The Moneta Group

Physical Facilities (real estate and institution/academic) – Bill Sheldon(For ANNOUNCEMENT, Click Here )

Development – Donna Wilkinson (Nominated)

Crowdfunding – Rachel Torres, Hali Flintrop,

Human Resources – Paul Sheldon

Marketing – Ruth Ezell (Nominated)

Social Media – Rachel Torres, Hali Flintrop,

Legal – Ted Atwood, Ken Teasdale

Operations/Legal (rights, permissions & use)


Operations/Archives – Chris Harper, Laura X, Rachel Torres

Campus Life (chapters at colleges, universities, schools) – Hali Flintrop,

Governmental & Diplomacy – Barbara Fraser, Christy James

Nominating – Chris Desloge

Mission – DeAnna Kaber, Barbara Fraser

The Executive Group is made up of the heads of each Operating Group, plus Laura Rand Orthwein, Jr., Paul Sheldon, Christopher Desloge, Managing Trustee, Madaket Growth (as Senior Advisor).