On October 27, 2014 an initial group of Founding Thought Leaders convened in St. Louis, Missouri to address the formation of the Laura X – Laura Orthwein, Jr. World Institute. This group included representatives from the humanities, arts and education, anthropology, legal, museum, women-owned business, non-profit leadership, finance, media, capital management, real estate, development, disabilities, and public office.For a full biography of attendees, click here.

Founding Thought Leader
Advisory Group

Laura Rand Orthwein, Jr.
John J. Meier III
Paul Sheldon, Jr.
Christopher D Desloge
Josephine Weil
David Steward
Harvey Harris
Page and Barry Jackson
Donna Wilkinson
Ruth Ezell
John Moss Hall
Alicia McDonnell
Robert Bruce
Nancy Kranzberg
Colleen Starkloff
Dr. Gerald Higginbotham
Harinder Singh
Christy James
Lesley Barker
Geoff Giglierano
William Sheldon
Andy Hahn
Curt and Molly Ittner
Lois Cook
Ken Teasdale
Barbara Fraser
Christine Bierman
Karen Everhart
Tom Eschen
Kate Francis
Larry Kendall
Frederick H. (Ted) Atwood, III
Bobby Sanderson
DeAnna Kaber
Ken Bower
Francis Baldwin Davis
Cady Scott Seabaugh
Peter & Meg Shinkle
Walter Wittenberg
Ida Goodwin Woolfolk